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Our Head Office is based. The yard boasts an operations area of 142 000m2 as well as 6 000m2 of undercover operational facilities. We have 10 Tower cranes, 4 Mobi Lift cranes and a 50 ton mobile crane all with which we are able to process 2 000 tons of steel per month.

Sand Blasting Guys takes the safety of its employees and visitors very seriously as we aim to put mechanisms in place to achieve a LTIFR rate of zero across all our activities.

We have an established Quality Management System by which all our Quality Procedures are detailed.

We are a certified ISO 9001 company and are TUV registered.

Our mission is to continue to provide our clients with superior quality work and to continually grow the scope and location of our activities to remain the service provider of choice across Africa.


Sand Blasting Guys specialises in decorative sandblasting. From our computerised design department we are able to apply any pattern, border, graphic, logo or text to all glass, mirror and granite surfaces – for all residential, retail and corporate work.

We have a large range of artwork on file to choose from – or we can match to artwork taken from fabrics, tiling details, wallpapers, magazine pictures, graphics etc. – to produce original blast works to enhance the decor of both residential and corporate interiors.

We offer a full range of blasted finishes – deep carving, solid and half tones are used singly or in combinations to set off any particular piece. We can sandblast the silvering off of mirrors – allowing back lighting for mural panels, skylight and light defusers – or enabling us to apply solid colours to the blasted areas for signage, gilding etc.

The application for sandblasting is endless. Imagination our only limit.

We also offer crushed toughened glass fused inlays, cut stained glass fused inlays and stainless steel fused inlays – used in combination with sandblasting for a spectacular finish.

A catalogue of some of our stock patterns is available to keep on file. Should you wish to view samples of the different finishes discussed above, these can be viewed at our premises, where we will be available to answer any of your queries.

We do all sandblasting at our premises. We will sandblast on your own glass, or we can supply to your specifications. We do not do installations or collections – but will gladly arrange for this to be done. We are committed to service excellence and a high standard of finished product.

Should you have any further queries regarding the above, or require a quotation, please contact us. We love what we do, and we do it gladly for you. This is not something that you should just attampt, sandblasting requires a good amount of skill and for that reason we are the best ate what we do. We are like professional artists, sharing our passion with the world. Our world is

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